Monday, October 15, 2012

Summer/Fall 2012 edition of the NLA Para Newsletter, The Keynote

The Summer/Fall 2012 edition of the NLA Para Newsletter, The Keynote is now online:

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Janet Greser
Paraprofessional Keynote Editor

The Paraprofessional of the Year Award winner is Terri Johnson

Terri has been at the North Platte Public Library since 1999, starting as a Library Clerk I and now working as the Technology Assistant. She is also the Secretary/Treasurer for the Paraprofessional section. Terri currently teaches 4-5 computer classes a month in the library’s Technology Learning Center and she has volunteered to keep the library’s blog up to date. She has also taken on several leadership roles within clubs and associations outside of the library.

Terri will receive a one-year paid membership to NLA in the Paraprofessional section and a cash gift. A certificate will be awarded at the MPLA/NLA/NEMA Joint Conference Paraprofessional section luncheon

Jennifer Wrampe, Paraprofessional Publicity/Citations Chair

Monday, July 23, 2012

Nominations being accepted for Paraprofessional of the Year

Just a reminder – you have until July 31 to get those nominations in! The Paraprofessional Section of the Nebraska Library Association (NLA) accepts nominations for the Paraprofessional of the Year Award each year. This award is given annually to a member of the Paraprofessional Section of NLA who has demonstrated outstanding service in a library setting. The recipient will be selected on the basis of all of the following criteria: 1. Innovative programs that the nominee has worked with which have resulted in new or improved library services. 2. Exceptional volunteer work in library service or related field. 3. Exceptional use of library resources, local or otherwise. 4. Involvement or leadership in the NLA Paraprofessional Section (i.e., holding office, member of a committee, or workshop or conference presentation). The Paraprofessional of the Year may receive: 1. A one-year paid membership to NLA, in the Paraprofessional Section. 2. Fifty dollars. Click here for the nomination form. Nominations are due on July 31, 2012. You can e-mail the nomination form to:

Monday, April 16, 2012

Nominees Are Key!


The election of new members of the NLA sections and round tables will be occurring this summer.  So, we are looking for interested Paraprofessional members to run for Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect.  This position is a three-year committment, Vice-Chair, Chair, Past-Chair, but we have a great team and the time really goes by so quickly that it hardly seems like three years!  If you are interested in getting together a few times a year to plan the activities and sessions for the Fall Conference and Spring Meeting, then this is for you, and we strongly encourage you to run for Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect!  The deadline for nominees is Friday, April 27!  If you are interested, feel free to post a comment to this or email Marguerite Miller (Past-Chair) or myself!

Thank you for your consideration!

Chrystal Dawson
Chair, Paraprofessional Section

Friday, March 9, 2012

NLA Adocacy Day

What a pleasure to attend an NLA Advocacy Day (formerly known as Legislative Day) without snow. The 8 AM coffee and donut hour at the state capitol was crowded with librarians, state senators and conversation. My husband, Tim, and I quickly found our District 42 senator, Tom Hansen, who also happens to be the brother of a good friend of ours. After a few minutes of trying to talk over the noise of the group, he invited us to his office to visit. Tina Walker from Mid Plains Community College joined us and we had an hour to visit with Senator Hansen about his work on the appropriations committee and the bills he was interested in this term. He promised to come in and visit our library soon. The appropriations committee had a noon meeting so he wouldn’t be able to join us for lunch. Next on the agenda was a briefing by NLA lobbyist Ken Winston, Rod Wagner and a few Nebraska Library Commissioners including Steve Batty from McCook. They encouraged us to build our users into advocates. You can start with a community group and have a member of that group help you in the planning process of how you can work together. Advocacy resources are available on both the AASL and ALA websites. I came home and found the following talking points: There was over an hour between the briefing and lunch to allow librarians to visit their senators’ offices and many did. The Omaha Public Library actually assigned their attendees 3 offices each. Most had to visit with senators’ aides as the legislature was in session. I’ve learned from the past that the aides do influence decisions so visiting with them is never a waste of time. Tim and I walked up the stairs to the chamber gallery and watched the senators in action as they discussed the merit of a child welfare bill. The luncheon at the Cornhusker hotel was jam- packed with librarians and senators slipped in as they could get away from the legislative session. We enjoyed sitting with our own RVLS Director Denise and a CCC library student, Michelle McCay-Broyles and librarians from the eastern edge of the state and their senator from Plattsmouth. The highlight for me was Ogallala library director Kendra Kaskie’s great talk on the value of a dollar invested in a library. Asking for a dollar from someone in the audience, she gave examples of the usefulness of libraries and finally when returning the dollar, she kept adding several more dollars as “return of the investment.” I hope the senators got the point. The luncheon ended with the presentation of the volunteer awards. The volunteers ranged from about 14 years old to 83 years “young” and also included an entire Friends organization. I greatly appreciated receiving a scholarship to attend this informative day. Terri Johnson, North Platte Public Library