Tuesday, December 16, 2008

WANTED: Suggestions for Fall Conference Sessions!

Welcome all Nebraska library workers, paraprofessional and librarian alike, NLA member and nonmember alike! We are the Nebraska Library Association Paraprofessional Section. You can find out more about us at our website.

Are you planning to attend the NLA/NEMA 2009 Fall Conference? Do you have an idea for a session you wish someone would sponsor? Let us know!

And if you're a member of a different NLA section or roundtable, and you have an session you'd like the Paras to co-sponsor with your group, we're open to that, too!

Just add a comment to this post with your session idea!

The Paraprofessional Section Board will look at all the ideas and submit as many as we can to NLA for consideration. Check back here from time to time. If someone posts a session idea you really love, add a comment in support of it. Ideas with widespread support will move to the top of our list.

Together, let's make 2009 a great NLA/NEMA Fall Conference for all!