Monday, January 31, 2011

Libraries in the digital age

Libraries will be around for awhile because, "Kids still like the simple pleasure of reading a book. People still like to hold a book, a magazine, a newspaper. There's only so much stimulation we can take."  -- Kathleen Peiffer, the associate state librarian for library development in New Jersey.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A little something for the acquisitions and collection development folks

Okay, so I'm a cataloger and I don't really get to do any acquisitions or collection development stuff. But this came through one of my RSS feeds, and I thought it looked like valuable information.

If you're not already familiar with it, take a look at Jeffrey Beall's List of Predatory, Open-Access Publishers.

Some journals by these publishers show up in databases, packaged with more desirable content. In those cases, we're probably stuck with them. Still, it's good to be aware.

For more detail, see Beall's articles in The Charleston Advisor. "'Predatory' Open-Access Scholarly Publishers" (Volume 11, Number 4, April 2010 , pp. 10-17(8)) gives a detailed ratings and descriptions of why each publisher made the list. A followup article "Update: Predatory Open-Access Scholarly Publishers" (Volume 12, Number 1, July 2010 , pp. 50-50(1)) details three additions to the list.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Paraprofessional Spring Meeting Program Set!

I hope everyone has been saving the date for the Paraprofessional Spring Meeting (March 24), because we have an excellent program planned. The theme will be "Collaboration Across Libraries," and we were lucky to find these great speakers to collaborate with the Paras! Like last year, this year too you will be able to "attend" the meeting from your desk via your own computer, or meet with colleagues to network. Registration information to follow.

1. Devra Dragos, Nebraska Library Commission

Let’s Work Together
One library can only do so much - ­but what can two, three, or hundreds accomplish together? Devra Dragos will talk about the many opportunities the Nebraska Library Commission provides for libraries to share resources, programming, and ideas.

2. Maureen O'Riordan, Koley Jessen Attorneys, and Mary Stultz, Baird Holm LLP

The Law Firm Librarian
An overview of a law firm library, including the staff, the work, the resources, and the need to play well with others.

3. Nancy Chmiel, Omaha Public Library

The Doublemint of Libraries
Omaha Public Library – Saddlebrook Branch is both a public and a school library. This collaboration gives library users in the neighborhood 2 – 2 – 2 libraries in one. Our building also houses a Community Center – the first triple threat in the country. Learn about how these entities work together, program together, and create exciting cooperative ventures to serve the public and the school. We’ll also be talking about ways to “get your foot in the door” at your local schools.