Monday, April 16, 2012

Nominees Are Key!


The election of new members of the NLA sections and round tables will be occurring this summer.  So, we are looking for interested Paraprofessional members to run for Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect.  This position is a three-year committment, Vice-Chair, Chair, Past-Chair, but we have a great team and the time really goes by so quickly that it hardly seems like three years!  If you are interested in getting together a few times a year to plan the activities and sessions for the Fall Conference and Spring Meeting, then this is for you, and we strongly encourage you to run for Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect!  The deadline for nominees is Friday, April 27!  If you are interested, feel free to post a comment to this or email Marguerite Miller (Past-Chair) or myself!

Thank you for your consideration!

Chrystal Dawson
Chair, Paraprofessional Section

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  1. Terri Johnson added this to our Facebook post and just as good here: "If a section does not have two candidates for each position by April 30th, they don't get their dues allotment. We can't do the awesome things we do if we don't have funding."